Posted at 1PM on Dec 4, 2014 by Benjamin Paulus

The whistling winter victim | HPC Winterfest 2015| Part 2

 The whistling winter victim

At the beginning of this year, someone awoke from a deep sleep at the bottom of a frozen lake. A man who was swallowed by its dark waters in the early days of 2013. Now his half decomposed body walks the earth to bring song and warmth to the cold days of winter. I called this man ‘The Whistling Winter Victim’. Ever tried whistling with a mouth full of cookies? Yeah? Try doing so without a bottom jaw and upper lip!

Obviously, i had no knowledge of anatomy back then, but that makes it all the better! | License: cc-by-nc-nd.

I thought that it would be cool if he brought Spring to the world. His footsteps melt the snow as he walks on, and underneath his feet spontaneously flowers start to grow, bright green grass appears and more lively things wake up. With these powers he is to defeat the evil snow master.


HPCWF2015_WinterVictimCloseUps | License: cc-by-nc-nd.

After discussing the thumbnails I drew in my last related post, I created three more which are more detailed and a bit more clear. I created these digitally, so I can easily re-use the objects and shapes I find interesting. I also added a bit of depth by adding darker tones. This is when I decided that it would be cool to have flowers and warm colors in the foreground where the Winter Victim just passed by, and ice, snow and cold colors where the Snow master is located.


HPCWF2015_Composition sketches. Love the first but not for a poster | License: cc-by-nc-nd.

From these thumbnails I picked the two on the left, added some color and details to set the mood, and send them over to the client who then picked the one on the left.


HPCWF2015_ClientChoices | The one on the right is great, but the one on the left has more movement in it. | License: cc-by-nc-nd.

I’ll tell you more about the horrors in the snow and my progress on painting next week. As the final piece needs to be kept secret until a certain date, I can’t show you the full thing until then.
In the meanwhile, time to start painting!





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