Posted at 10PM on Nov 12, 2014 by Benjamin Paulus

Awakening the Winter Spirits | HPC Winterfest 2015| Part 1

The story continues!


The evil spirits of winter rise again, creating chaos and havoc in city of The Hague. The previous illustrations and posters I created, tell the birth of the Whistling winter Victim.


45 minute mood setting painting. Licensed under cc-by-nc-nd.

The story began in 2012, continued over the last two years. This year, the Whistling Winter Victim is gone to meet his maker.
Its an amazing visual journal that shows how much I have improved over the years.


Previous editions of Winterfest Posters and the birth of the Whistling Winter Victim

Below a series of first sketches, that I will discuss with the client on Friday. On the right, several composition thumbnails that tell the story, and on the left the creation of the SnowMaker and his Henchmen. Cool and the gang?Did I really write that down? Guess I did. Fits though… right?


I prefer doing these sketches on paper, for it keeps me focused on the ideas in my mind. Digital sketching is great, but due to the amount of functions I start working things out way to quickly resulting in the speed painting on top of this post. I had to eventually force my self to quit. Also, it is easy to get distracted by emails, Facebook and twitter and you could potentially lose some amazing ideas.

Any way! More in part two!



Winterfest sketches done on paper.





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