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Viktor's Flying Submarine #1 | Time child

Time Child


Unlike the other children in his class, Viktor is very bright. He has been top of the class, and that of course results in a lot of bullying. In fact, he is so smart that he has been able to accidently build something that doesn’t quite looks, but works exactly like a Time machine.



The concept of the Flying Submarine is simple. It is a big balloon attached to an old bathysphere from the scrapyard. It was only build to get him to school without taking the bus.  His machine worked. But he got to school a bit too early. So Viktor figured, why go to school if you can actually learn history while it is happening around you? What if he could travel for days, weeks even, and still be at school before the bells ring? What would you do if you had the power of time in your hands? Little Viktor knows exactly what he can do, and he will do whatever it takes to do so.









Designing a working time machine | license: cc-by-nc-nd

The machine generates a cloud that serves as a ‘wormhole’ through time. It is sucked into the time cloud and is pooped out in the past or future. This is called the time cloud.


Time time painting | license: cc-by-nc-nd |

Time cloud

The Time cloud.

Viktor wasn’t planning on traveling through time, so he didn’t place anything to determine to what time he could travel to. But so far, his machine only worked backwards. He went back in time earlier and earlier, until the submarine crashes in prehistoric days. Just mere hours before the comet that killed the dinosaurs would strike earth with ferocious power. To leave in time, he needs to rebuild the submarine as soon as possible, but he’s determined to save at least one dinosaur from death.

If you want to find out if he succeeds, you’re going to have to hold on. I haven’t figured out how I want to tell this story yet. At first I wanted to make an short animated film. But it could also be a children’s novel, or an interactive story.

Either way, it is the prologue to my comic book ‘It Only Eats the Brave’. For time travel comes with great responsibility.And as smart as little Viktor might be, he is far from responsible enough to hold the power of time travel.


Unfortunate Dinosaur. license: cc-by-nc-nd


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