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They Came From Beneath The Sea

Havoc! Terror! Destruction!

If there would be someone to thank for my believe in monsters, it would be Ray Harryhausen (1920 – ­2013).

The first time I was introduced to his work was when I saw the colossal Cyclops in the classic Clash of the Titans. My real appreciation however, came after seeing the movie ‘It came from beneath the Sea(1955)’. I mean, a city in terror of an unknown creature of biblical proportions- Awesome! need I say more?!  I got instantly obsessed with monster movies. It was like love at first sight. It eventually inspired me to write and illustrate my comic book ‘It only eats the brave’. 

Watch the trailer and be amazed!

I will be making more of these for they are so much fun to do!



Havoc! Chaos! Destrustion!

It’s easy to see that this, and many of Rays movies have had a lot of influence in my work. Enormous octopuses, or Krakens, have been recurring characters in many of my paintings.
A few years ago I made an illustration to remember the sinking of 
Steamship ‘SS Arctic’ in 1854. It was said to be swallowed by the sea after colliding with the French SS Vesta. 



Sinking of the Steamship Artctic 1854


Several Thumbnails Including Kraken like creatures

In 2013, the kraken reached land and destroyed one of The Hague’s landmarks on several posters for music festival ‘Haagse Pop Week’.


Kraken Attack in The Hague 2013

Keep your eyes peeled! As you never know when the Kraken will strike again!


BoatHarryhausenIllustrationIt came from Beneath the SeaKrakenMovieOctopusPosterTribute

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