Posted at 12PM on Feb 11, 2015 by Benjamin Paulus

Odds and Ends | Remains of the month (week#3-4 )

The year has had a bumpy start.

So many things are happening all at once across the globe and overseas, and within the humble walls of my own home.

Two weeks ago my work was abruptly interrupted by series of dancing pixel on my screen. A few minutes later it blacked out completely leaving me with a pile of work and trembling knees. Thanks to the amazing service at my computer was up and running again within two weeks and working even better than before!

But al in all, I have been working so hard on Client stuff that I haven’t had enough time to do a lot of sketching for my self. I know I promised a weekly post with the odds and Ends, But I think it would be better for all of us if 1 did one at the end of every month. More to show and more to tell!

I got a few new clients that I am honored to be working and my beloved Anna has had an amazing idea for a book, which is going to be a blast to work on so Feb is Going to be a great month! We can all safely say, that due to all the holidays and celebrations, January doesn’t really take place. Its kind of like the Limbo month. The year starts in February so once more, HAPPY START OF THE NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Lets make it a good one!

See ya soon!

Weekly Gathering

Weekly Gathering



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