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Lots 'n Bound part 1 | A lost track of history

Where has the time gone?

The mastermind at Halley Interactive and I had an amazing idea for a simple, elegant interactive story called ‘the Lots ‘n Bound’. A story about an Island where everything you lose ends up. This story however, became so big, so beautiful and emotional that it started to outgrow us. With not enough time on our hands, we set the project aside only to return to when the time comes.

Nonetheless, we did end up with some great concept stuff from before we lost total control. It’s great to see how much we both have improved already since then, so we are hoping to get back to this project one day soon!


MurkeyWaters_ The waters surrounding the Island | License: cc-by-nc-nd.

The initial idea was to tell the story about a Hotel on the Island where the lost souls rest. The hotel and the island were established a long time ago and used to be well organized, lost objects were easily reclaimed and returned to its rightful owner.
After the First World War began, the island was flooded by a tsunami existing of lost items and souls.

LnB _Reception

LnB_Level one | Hotel Reception | License: cc-by-nc-nd.

Now, there is only one person left on the Island. A man who not only lost his mind but also lost the track of time. He runs the entire Island, and has been trying to get it reorganized for decades. He is the Piccolo, receptionist, gardener, maid, everything.


Piccolo_Lnb Antagonist | License: cc-by-nc-nd.


Early Piccolo development sketches | License: cc-by-nc-nd.

During one of his rounds to collect lost items, he finds a lost boy named Otto and accidently brings him to the Island. Otto soon learns a lot about the miserable mysteries of the island and about this peculiar and odd figure that calls himself  ‘piccolo’  - who looks oddly familiar to him.


Otto_LnB_Antagonist | License: cc-by-nc-nd.

The story will continue. Halley Interactive and I are eager to get back on this rollercoaster project, so hopefully there will be more in the Laboratorium about it soon!


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