Posted at 12PM on Feb 11, 2015 by Benjamin Paulus

Odds and Ends | Remains of the month (week#3-4 )

The year has had a bumpy start. So many things are happening all at once across the globe and overseas, and within the humble walls of my own home. Two weeks ago my work was abruptly interrupted by series of dancing pixel on my screen. A few minutes later it blacked out completely leaving me […]


Posted at 10PM on Jan 11, 2015 by Benjamin Paulus

Odds and Ends | Remains of the week #2

The year didn’t start well… It is hard to draw when you are holding your pencil up high and your heads hanging down. But, I won’t let it stop me. Here are just a few sketches and sketches from the past week.   Click on the images to enlarge.                   […]


Posted at 1PM on Jan 7, 2015 by Benjamin Paulus

Odds and Ends | Remains of the week #1

Happy new year everybody!  2014 was a blast but ‘out of the way past, the future is coming!’  This year is going to be great. I have some big things cooking in the kitchen, and I am pretty sure it is going to taste good. As you might know, I draw a lot. There is […]

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Posted at 12AM on Dec 23, 2014 by Benjamin Paulus

A horror on ice | HPC Winterfest 2015 | Part 3

Winter is coming. Sorry, no Game of thrones stuff around here! I just thought it might get me some more hits on google. After lying dormant for a year, the Snow Master returns! Like a rolling ball of snow, it grows bigger with every inch it moves forward. It has now reached high above the tree […]


Posted at 11AM on Dec 18, 2014 by Benjamin Paulus

Viktor's Flying Submarine #1 | Time child

Unlike the other children in his class, Viktor is very bright. He has been top of the class, and that of course results in a lot of bullying. In fact, he is so smart that he has been able to accidently build something that doesn’t quite looks, but works exactly like a Time machine.

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Posted at 1PM on Dec 4, 2014 by Benjamin Paulus

The whistling winter victim | HPC Winterfest 2015| Part 2

 The whistling winter victim At the beginning of this year, someone awoke from a deep sleep at the bottom of a frozen lake. A man who was swallowed by its dark waters in the early days of 2013. Now his half decomposed body walks the earth to bring song and warmth to the cold days of winter. […]


Posted at 12PM on Dec 2, 2014 by Benjamin Paulus

Lots 'n Bound part 1 | A lost track of history

Where has the time gone? The mastermind at Halley Interactive and I had an amazing idea for a simple, elegant interactive story called ‘the Lots ‘n Bound’. A story about an Island where everything you lose ends up. This story however, became so big, so beautiful and emotional that it started to outgrow us. With not […]

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Posted at 12PM on Nov 25, 2014 by Benjamin Paulus

They Came From Beneath The Sea

Havoc! Terror! Destruction!

If there would be someone to thank for my believe in monsters, it would be Ray Harryhausen (29-­07-­1920 – 07-­05-­2013).

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Posted at 12PM on Nov 20, 2014 by Benjamin Paulus

Illusionarium PSD Brush kit

Get your own Time travel brush kit Over the past one hundred years or so, I have collected numerous amazing custom photoshop brushes that made my live a lot easier. Walk along giant, wrestle with sharks or dine with kings, these brushes will make it all possible! They range from sketchy rough brushes to textural and […]


Posted at 10PM on Nov 12, 2014 by Benjamin Paulus

Awakening the Winter Spirits | HPC Winterfest 2015| Part 1

The story continues! The evil spirits of winter rise again, creating chaos and havoc in city of The Hague.